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United Automation was formed in 1964, since then, the business has expanded continuously relocating to a new purpose built facility in 1999.


At United Automation our experienced sales team are trained to answer any of our products questions and offer technical support where needed.


UAL Building


United Automation Ltd manufactures:


HVAC: Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

Catering Equipment

and Thyristors,Single PhaseThree Phase

Phase Angle Regulators

Compact Phase Angle Regulators

Burst Fire Regulators

Phase Angle Firing Circuits & Power Modules

Burst Angle Firing Circuits & Power Modules

Dual Mode Firing Circuits & Power Modules

Specialised Power Products

Panel Building

Outdoor Heating by Infresco

Frost Protection by Envirostat

Our standard product range covers the majority of power control applications however where the customer has a requirement which cannot be met by a standard product we provide specific design solutions. This is the key differentiating factor of UAL as the process methodologies employed ensure that customer product development programmes are strengthened through working with UAL.


Our production team employs lean manufacturing techniques to ensure a continuous improvement both in customer service levels and cost reduction. All business processes are underpinned by the ISO 9001 quality system, for which we achieved certification in 1995.

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