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Enterprise Culture:

Corporate Culture Introduction:

“HangOu Team” is also named “TSI team”, which means: Team, Service and Innovation.

“TSI Team” highlights the spirit of teamwork, service and innovation. Under this guidance, HangOu people have put it into practice and tireless efforts, bringing the company’s infinite love and full passion into our service, and integrate into every detail of our work. This invisible spiritual force has become the most powerful spiritual motivation of TSI team, promoting the HangOu Company continually to the positive, steady and healthy development.

TSI Team meaning: Team Service Innovation

TSI cultural interpretation: talents are the core of the team, service is the foundation of benefit, and innovation is the source of motive power.

 Teamwork(Slogan:Talents are the core; teams are the foundation. )

Teamwork reflects :

 Our team bears in mind the Concept of “people oriented”. We care for the people and inspire all to reach their full potentials, and to enjoy life and work in our Big Family,where we are proud of being one of the team members. TSI Principle is the most precious wealth of the our company. We provide a fair and impartial platform for each loyal member to improve themselves,  locate themselves, and realize their values.

 Ownership: TSI Team regards each member as the owner of the Company, Each one is closely related to the issues in the team, no matter big or small; each one has a strong resposibility, sense of group honor and ownership;each one shares the difficulties and happiness together and always put the TEAM first.

 Responsibility: TSI team members, responsible and conscientious, are holding the sprint of doing work with result, taking resposibility bravely without escaping, buck-passing, or any excuse. We are always holding a positive attitude to solve the problems and self-examine.

 Respect for others: We inspire TSI member to respect each other with sincere action, everyone is equal. Intrigue and cliques are not allowed. We possess the principle of “focusing on the work not any particular people”.

 Cooperation and trust:In life, we care each other and are always ready to help. In work, we share our experience and guide new members with enthusiasm and smile. There is always full of trust and support between boss and subordinate, and Among Colleagues.

 Free communication: Simple and frank relationshipe between TSI members facilitates a free communication without barrier. All the information is passed with accuracy promptly.

 Gratitude: TSI members possess a grateful heart to the Team, other team members and the customers.

 Honesty:TSI team practices what we preach, specking frankly, and doing practically. We speck before deep thought, criticize or express opinions before profound investigation, try to avoid groundless allegation and backbiting and be brave to stop any dishonest behavior which will demage the interests of the company or other members.

 Optimism: We hold the enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and the optimistic attitude to do every bit of work. We TSI members never give up! Through constant self-motivation and self-improvement, we are ready to face challanges and make breakthroughs.And till now we have made considerable success. We are always there, striving ,never pulling teams down. We believe we will make a Super Team with our joint efforts !

 Service spirit(Service slogan: No defect of service,No complaint of customers.)

Service Principles:

Customer service principle:

TSI Team treats all customers with smiles, sincere hearts, offers them passionate help and satisfatory solution.

TSI Team treats customers with enthusiasm, do the work with carefulness, solve the problems with patience, take advice with modesty and improve the work with sincerity.

We respect customers, treat them warmly and politely, stand up for the image of team “TSI” anywhere.

we pay attention to customers’ complaints and solve the problems patiently,proactively, promptly with smile.

We are learning the professional skills continuously and bulid mutual trust with customers according to the service principle..

We put at the first place the issues of our customers at all time and provide the most efficient and convenient service for them.

We are being honest and trustworthy,keep our promises to the customers.

We pay attention to every details when communicate with the customers and work on them from every little things.

 In order to improve the customers’ satisfaction,we’ll do everything we can do with advanced sense of service.

Innovation spirit (innovation slogan: strengthening the sense of crisis, creating the atmosphere of innovation.)

The reflect of the innovation spirit:

Innovation is the eternal theme, we would not go beyond without innovation, it is the inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development.

We need learn new knowledge, accept the new things constantly,apply them for the work to be innovative. so that we can make the work excellent.

In order to create innovative, effective and exciting new ways,we must improve and innovate new methods, abandon the obsolete and formalistic things.

We need create and perfect the incentive system,including methods of innovation and standards of awarding,and make them true timely and reasonably.

Innovation is concrete, not empty, if everyone joins in the innovation,it’s really

favorable for improving efficiency, reducing costs and enable to maintain the creativity and growth of the enterprises.And it will be large wealth for enterprises.

We respect, support and encourage innovation. Our company respects all the innovative ideas in technique, management, service, process, model and other aspects. We are holding duly respect for the innovative ideas to be perfected and help encourage and mature them. There is no irony, sarcasm or combat. Therefore, the formation of leadership is based on the spirit of innovation, which also will promote the innovative milieu of the enterprise.

The spirit of innovation promotes independent thinking ,expressesing opinions bravely, not afraid of making mistakes,listening the suggestions from others reasonably,focusing on teamwork and bearing in mind to enhance communication among the team.

We must have sense of crisis when facing pressures and challenges,then update new thoughts,keep up with the pace of time,so that we can progress constantly and our enterprise can obtain sustainable development and success.