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Spectrum was founded in 1981 and has become a leading supplier of state-of-the-art components used in RF and microwave technology, including connectors, adapters, cable assemblies, phase shifters, couplers, gain amplitude equalizers, terminations, and calibration kits. In addition, a number of complex and integrated components have been engineered and manufactured for specialized programs and various customers’ special needs.

Throughout the world Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH has established a reputation as a design, development, and manufacturing center. The company has attained recognition for setting standards, introducing new ideas into the field and its leadership in cutting-edge technologies.

The Products
Spectrum’s products are used in many commercial systems, including cellular applications, radios, SatCom/VSAT, satellites and space applications, test centers and wireless communication. Spectrum’s products are also used in various defense applications including airborne radars, electronic intelligence, electronic warfare, jamming systems, and missile guidance. Wherever RF or microwave expertise and advanced manufacturing technologies are needed, you will find Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH.

Capabilities and Facilities
The departments within the company have been set up as an intelligent network. This guarantees complete in-house control of every operation and procedure, including design, development, manufacturing, assembly and testing.
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH is small enough to react quickly to customer demands, yet large enough to handle large scale orders of important and unique programs in a timely manner. Spectrum has the capability to develop, manufacture, and test an extensive range of products meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

As early as 1984, Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH introduced CAD design centers and CAD/CAM work stations to provide data to computer controlled machines. Spectrum employs the most advanced machines using test centers reaching 50.0 GHz from HP to 65.0 GHz from Wiltron. Because Spectrum’s manufacturing and quality control comply with DIN – ISO 9000, the company meets strict requirements in commercial, avionics, military and Hi-Rel applications. A Final 100% Inspection is standard at Spectrum: Tests performed include electrical and physical performance, tolerances, workmanship, and compliance with applicable specifications.

An adequate and knowledgeable staff is always available to support the customers’ needs with respect to applications, engineering and sales. The staff acts as a team, understanding product applications and specifications, as well as customers’ needs, priorities and problems. A net of distributors assures immediate delivery of off-the shelf products. Authorized technically knowledgeable representatives provide immediate assistance to the customers.

Shanghai HangOu Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006,  and is specializing in the import of mechanical & electrical equipment spare parts, instruments and other products and brands of worldwide. These products are widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, petrochemicals, energy, aerospace, container terminals, automation, water conservancy, papermaking, power plant, textile, injection molding, rubber, medical treatment, food packaging and other fields.  Our main product lines include: sensors, motors, switches, electronic scale, encoders, controllers, analysis meters,optical fibers, gratings,valves, warning lights, cable, towline, distributor, gearbox, relays, buffers and imported hardware. ShangHai HangOu Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
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优势产品 E20056 FT-00-A-E3
优势产品 OK5001 OKF-FPKG
优势产品 TM101-A08 0-20mm/s
优势产品 LKB-01Bb 1Mpa
优势产品 1012S-50
优势产品 GHP1A-D-9-FG
优势产品 ACE244PT-SO
优势产品 rotex 24 St 92SHA 1A-DIA19/1B-DIA25
优势产品 64WKS-M240/50
优势产品 709-437 配6.5×8 afx
优势产品 710-621 配6.5×8 afx
优势产品 184-442 配6.5×8 afx
优势产品 L30-BR-1-C1-02-1-1
优势产品 L30-BR-1-C1-02-1-2
优势产品 L30-BR-1-C1-02-1-4
优势产品 TF-AGP-3125HTT-A1-1010
优势产品 10DJSGB024A
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优势产品 653050545 SK MK FMM19
优势产品 PU-OVER hood used by painters.has to fit VISTONATR system
优势产品 746-2302
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优势产品 SK100L/4TF 2.2KW 380V 5.2A 1440R/MIN 50HZ
优势产品 9AA90-4 安装方式V1 1.5KW 380V 3.55A 1440R/MIN 50HZ (ES32-250F/B+1.5/4 杨程14.8M 3m3/H 1KW 1440R/MIN)
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优势产品 ZE 210057/1.2 ; heba EE-Stop 88/35; Material: heba-EW 1603/45 St
优势产品 ZE 210069/1.2 ; heba EE-Anschlagfeder 125/125; Material: heba-EW 703/60
优势产品 220007/1 heba EE-Feder 85/20/80 Ext./Typ2
优势产品 2255 08 302 302 4100
优势产品 220009/1 F6490-86099 Pos. 6
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优势产品 61-263616-1502S-1EL/L NO:3107263
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优势产品 CMV58S-00007
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优势产品 BA90(BA90LA4电机上使用的)
优势产品 BA100(BA100LA6电机上使用的)
优势产品 BA100 AC400/690V(BA100LA6电机上使用的)
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优势产品 SCN:586Q3022 97005-5 NCC634
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优势产品 IN510 optics 10:1 15M cable
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优势产品 Ref Print#MS 132-252
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优势产品 8JSA53 E6040D7011
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优势产品 Alarm P/N:502740-PL Main board P/N:110120-PL
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优势产品 HPL 450 R
优势产品 Part No.:976378
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优势产品 R18-C3-F000
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优势产品 P/N9214602
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优势产品 5820(Us=10…30Vdc)
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优势产品 MCS 250
优势产品 Type AS-1,acc. to data sheet AS-1/1-C12, AS-1/2-C12,DN 100
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优势产品 PB-1225
优势产品 SB02D08-552-M
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优势产品 1000点运行版
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优势产品 PFC-672 HC rebuilt from PFC-670 HC 380 Volt
优势产品 SMNP-30-2-2-AAL-380(220)/50(60)/3-B3-4-02
优势产品 Q400-054 (DC)
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优势产品 toothed belt for AU 137217
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优势产品 NRC-100HL 0-600V
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优势产品 817-920 27:03-2
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优势产品 NO.0008529.832 200117—10043
优势产品 NO.0008532.590 DN60—200118
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优势产品 NO.63-15140012 2W 1/2″
优势产品 NO.63-15140200 2W 2″
优势产品 IDA354-1M-D06-10V
优势产品 VT-IPM2M-113
优势产品 1601-1100
优势产品 DSY080(article number:17.65dsy080)
优势产品 3610-006
优势产品 10500400
优势产品 14000500
优势产品 Detector module for AF45 P/N:2500-1106-00 WL= 313nm
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优势产品 VU400L-153 (DC)
优势产品 KBM10-50-14C(日本原装)
优势产品 VU400L-153 (AC)
优势产品 KBM10-30-15C(日本原装)
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优势产品 ZC-8
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优势产品 JQIN-14U-12
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优势产品 RPV330 1/2 88
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优势产品 NTR34-005T-S-RM090-48 速比5:1
优势产品 LDS-V10-7519(B.NR 707519)
优势产品 LDS-V10-7508(B.NR 707508)
优势产品 NEWTON 6.4 BP Electrostatic version
优势产品 M22NRXC-LNF-NS-00
优势产品 LAC016-4-D-00-S50..
优势产品 SG-0528 D/N:GPV-0528-44
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优势产品 HEN003 no:91043450003
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优势产品 EKZM500ETD151MJC5S
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优势产品 GYCRP-1550-M-WPCN
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优势产品 MG300A 5/8FBCL PART NO:638203
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优势产品 ITEM203
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优势产品 2-2TH6
优势产品 731964 FOR VSI 300(03)
优势产品 731411 FOR VSI 300(03)
优势产品 AB-10-BSS (cylinder size:B-100)
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优势产品 TA7800-006
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优势产品 MX-401RV5C-3
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