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Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Gilgen laid in 1977 the foundation stone of MBS Sulzbach Messwandler GmbH in Sulzbach-Laufen in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the vicinity of the regional capital of Stuttgart.

  • With hard work, as well as an iron will and visions, still apparent to this day, MBS commences the production of low voltage current transformers.
  • 200 current transformers where manufactured each day.
  • Continuous design improvements incorporating the latest technical know-how made it possible to enlarge the production range.
  • Safety of operation ranked first in MBS’s priority.
  • Standard fitment of sealable covers or secondary connections.
  • Fitment facilities using integrated foot angles and bus bar mountings.


  • First PTB construction type approvals of current transformers for applications in the energy supply industry.
  • Development and availability of smaller and more compact current transformers to be used in the panel building organization.


  • Evidence for measuring accuracy and application safety of the MBS products lead to the establishment of the state approved testing laboratories for measuring appliances for electricity EA90, as represented by MBS AG.


  • MBS enlarges its product range, it’s manufacturing and storage capacities at their head office in Sulzbach-Laufen.


  • Continuous enlargement and stock availabilities to cater for customers immediate demands.
  • Expansion of the current transformers series for measuring of alternating currents up to 7500 A.


  • Development and manufacture of the first electronic measuring transducers type SWMU.
  • The inclusion of measuring transducers (NMC, EMSIN) to complete the range.


  • The Technical Institute Mannheim (TÜV) bestow the DIN EN ISO 9001 on MBS as an approval of their existing quality management system.
  • This honour opens the door for the direct export into more than 20 countries.
  • MBS’s administration was centralized and moved into an architectural challenging and highly functual multi purpose building.
  • Today, we find here the headquarters of the MBS group of companies.


  • MBS receive the GL Type Approval Certificate from Germanischer Lloyd – not only as a token for highly engineered products but also for application of their current transformers in extreme and sensitive working conditions.


  • MBS completes the fully automatic production line to produce metal- and synthetic/ plastic materials for the current transformers.


  • Introduction of the split core current transformer, type KBU, a new current transformer range.


  • Production of new fully resin hardened current transformer ranges.
  • New protection current transformers ranges
  • Special design for fuse rail manufacturers
  • MBS obtaines the GOST certificate for its complete production range. Marketing and Sales commences in Russia.
  • MBS inaugurates its third works for production of cores for their current transformers in Spraitbach, Baden-Württemberg.
  • MBS presents all their products on the Hannover Fair on an area of 120 m².


  • Development and production of a new current transformer range with resin hardened multi core system.
  • MBS AG is born
  • The subsidary of MBS established in Cuxhaven is to serve Northern Europe.


  • Development of a new current transformer range for the direct installation in ABB/Siemens fuse rails
  • Type AS 176.3


  • Development and production of a new current transformer range to accept variables bus bar sizes
  • Type ASK 205.5 and ASK 165.5


  • Introduction of new three-way compact current transformer sets ASRD 205.35 and ASRD 310.37

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优势产品 E20056 FT-00-A-E3
优势产品 OK5001 OKF-FPKG
优势产品 TM101-A08 0-20mm/s
优势产品 LKB-01Bb 1Mpa
优势产品 1012S-50
优势产品 GHP1A-D-9-FG
优势产品 ACE244PT-SO
优势产品 rotex 24 St 92SHA 1A-DIA19/1B-DIA25
优势产品 64WKS-M240/50
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优势产品 184-442 配6.5×8 afx
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优势产品 TF-AGP-3125HTT-A1-1010
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优势产品 IN 60/S-M8(0301485)
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优势产品 NO:C35PE-BK 0510 S00105668 18755F136
优势产品 VEG-A/6/2/1/1/1/1/1/0/P
优势产品 S23-12667-ok
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优势产品 VPB-B/8/6/S/0/20/20/20/20/P
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优势产品 CHT 56B4 B14
优势产品 U89I 灵敏:1KHz-1K0HM 8MV/PA 信噪比:DIN/IEC 651 77DB THD小于0.5%
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优势产品 OCD-DPC1B-1212-S100-H3P
优势产品 MT6056IV 输入24VDC 附带RS-232/RS-485 下载线MT8-PC 通讯线及使用软件
优势产品 JF440/25H/LK
优势产品 JF440/50H/LK
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优势产品 Type 018.10 Part#:3100.0118 L=3000
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优势产品 GFK 80 1*pad 1*O-ring
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优势产品 E321K13 NBR 4538/48 1000 100899 100874 100885
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优势产品 output24vdc, supply voltage 115/230vac
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优势产品 MT8-PLC
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优势产品 IPH13-/13X
优势产品 784-HCC15-3-AG
优势产品 106667A
优势产品 MC-2000 SERIAL NO:B70 UNIT NO:2846
优势产品 K60056
优势产品 859-405
优势产品 859-410
优势产品 CC550T-1024-ABZ-MS
优势产品 210-112/210-162
优势产品 FBA112M4
优势产品 ST1,0 (Nr.:114/08 EN61558 )
优势产品 D-54156、380V/230V
优势产品 FCA 100LB-4
优势产品 C-10000-24208-DFP
优势产品 517382-12
优势产品 13855-65658-GS1/-
优势产品 44-2263-241
优势产品 13855-65657-GS1/-
优势产品 4140CS3A44AAO-AFE
优势产品 13855-65859-GS1/-
优势产品 PL22230.R06/1000
优势产品 C-10000-24205-DFP
优势产品 13855-65659-GS1
优势产品 TAI233 TAID10C200 200/1A
优势产品 SCL K05-TD MOR 3KW
优势产品 1117-ADJ
优势产品 1117-1.2
优势产品 1117-1.5
优势产品 1117-2.5
优势产品 1117-2.85
优势产品 1117-1.8
优势产品 1117-3.3
优势产品 827-UE
优势产品 91247
优势产品 齐纳模拟量输出\100570\单通道
优势产品 齐纳模拟量输出\100569\单通道
优势产品 J12/0015
优势产品 6KDV31150Q4G40D4
优势产品 DN100 1.6MPA
优势产品 8HP0652A06ANP01
优势产品 EE09-FT6
优势产品 IEG6-1-62F-10.0
优势产品 CV210
优势产品 TIL-P430-054-MBR
优势产品 IVC632 204-632-000-032
优势产品 AT-FM-10K
优势产品 OTC-1-BK
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优势产品 EX-32B-PN
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优势产品 EF8320G202 110VAC 316SS 3 1 4 1.03Mpa IP56
优势产品 Roller Type GL,diameter 89×3.2 bearings 6204 Z,shaft ?20×1060,flat axle
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优势产品 –
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优势产品 type:835 pressure class PN16 SETTING RANGE :0,2… 2,0BAR
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优势产品 壳体不锈钢、接近(感应)式SPDT、带接线盒和现场指示、触点容量220VAC 3A、防爆等级Ex dⅡCT4
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优势产品 PMR44
优势产品 DGM1A
优势产品 G 1/2″, DWR 1, 设定1,2 bar, 24VDC
优势产品 G 1/2″, DWR 625
优势产品 DE-5-316
优势产品 G 1/2″, DWR 16-1979
优势产品 G 1/2″, DWR 625-1979
优势产品 T70-6026-G150
优势产品 DE-4-316
优势产品 F30SSK
优势产品 QE-3-316
优势产品 MKLC.4.4P.R1
优势产品 MKLI.4P.R1
优势产品 VHF15-16i05
优势产品 ET-5RS-1
优势产品 710E-WNANS1150#SCPH2 150A*150A DN150
优势产品 501G-DSANS1300#SCPH2 150A*150A DN150
优势产品 CDAQ-MCN, T-162A
优势产品 KERAMESS/F/G11 50mbar*0/3L*1.5m*F
优势产品 C2
优势产品 D2
优势产品 E2
优势产品 FCO521
优势产品 FCO522
优势产品 VSM-2S-D-A3-4
优势产品 E07QPX2CM
优势产品 LMS-4
优势产品 111-450-001
优势产品 RWC-70PTSE
优势产品 EA700-85102
优势产品 5A100L-8 678R/804R 220-240V/380-440V 1.1KW 5.45/3.15A 功率因数:0.75 IP55
优势产品 807 20D 7 21 14 5 49 1000
优势产品 2470
优势产品 35.525.140.R.A2
优势产品 DN125 PN16 length 150mm
优势产品 DN150 PN16 length 150mm
优势产品 DN50 PN16 length 125mm
优势产品 DN100 PN16 length 150mm
优势产品 UM50-1020–停产
优势产品 1493-000
优势产品 025090-140P
优势产品 VS 0.4 EPO12V 12A21/1-24V
优势产品 Z301401 ART.F(X)CLOSED BSP 1″-25
优势产品 Z301601 ART.F(X)CLOSED BSP 1.1/2″-40
优势产品 Z301701 ART.F(X) CLOSED BSP 2″- 50
优势产品 DINAPHON B 802/20 S
优势产品 CSH M 10*1
优势产品 CSHR-1/4WD
优势产品 CWD4850P 40A
优势产品 WT014-1052
优势产品 CWD4850P 25A
优势产品 ZU-KH2-10/90 D-HOO As4
优势产品 GD-SAMO GD-01-2D/SAM 150BAR 85摄氏度 600转46/06
优势产品 配GD-SAMO GD-01-2D/SAM 150BAR 85摄氏度 600转46/06旋转接头油封
优势产品 冷却器型号GCD-030N,NR129551-1
优势产品 44472-0314
优势产品 AM1000ΦP 17*17 220VAC 420ma VMA-01000E-03DP
优势产品 M300258B 24-240VAC/DC
优势产品 AM400ΦP 17*17 220VAC 420ma VMA-0400E-03DP
优势产品 AM200ΦP 17*17 220VAC 420ma VMA-0200E-03DP
优势产品 5A100L-8 678R/804R 220-240V/380-440V 1.1KW 5.45/3.15A 功率因数:0.75 IP55
优势产品 22MM,3转,5K欧 535系列
优势产品 22MM,3转,10K欧 535系列
优势产品 22MM,10转,5K欧
优势产品 22MM,10转,10K欧
优势产品 403022/0-0-2-93-20-1-1-530
优势产品 403022/0-0-2-93-20-1-1-532
优势产品 403025/0-0-2-93-20-1-1-450
优势产品 403025/0-0-2-93-20-1-1-495
优势产品 403025/20-1-1-514-410-564
优势产品 403025/514-410-571-2-20-1
优势产品 403025/0-0-2-93-20-1-1
优势产品 TEA080EW09B2NLWJ
优势产品 707012/888-888-888/000
优势产品 707032/881-001-005/000
优势产品 902020/10-402-1001-200
优势产品 TEA100EW09B2NLWJ
优势产品 902020/10-402-1001-250
优势产品 902020/10-402-1001-150
优势产品 902020/10-402-1001-350
优势产品 HS310IBD02A
优势产品 VNS044FU18KKVR HDFSZ 50.50
优势产品 608003/1010-807-841
优势产品 608003/1010-826-841
优势产品 702074/8-1134-25-00
优势产品 VNS044FN18AKVR HDFSZ 50.50
优势产品 702044/181-140-22/000-000
优势产品 714C-12-PI-504BA
优势产品 XS100LA21054.3.0KW
优势产品 GLAND 504
优势产品 P3297B084001
优势产品 一端内径6mm,另一端内径10mm,长度27mm
优势产品 1.69.507.118/1502
优势产品 AG12ACL71G4B02
优势产品 1.69.507.105/1301
优势产品 1.69.507.105/1502
优势产品 110020671/00A 16*7 L=650
优势产品 119001107/00A 13*7 L=650
优势产品 A5E00163093
优势产品 A5E00326343
优势产品 A5E00342173
优势产品 AL105NDC24R/R
优势产品 A5E00342186
优势产品 A5E00342188
优势产品 A5E00458191
优势产品 SS20.260-506690-2-25141
优势产品 V2140B(-35-140度)
优势产品 E-6B(-45-140度)
优势产品 J650B(30-650度)
优势产品 P1200
优势产品 80011/2C
优势产品 8000312C
优势产品 NS40-200叶轮等配件
优势产品 80046
优势产品 100356
优势产品 100690
优势产品 101136
优势产品 DAG154N
优势产品 1746SC-CTR4
优势产品 OEZ-O2-2MD
优势产品 HDM105A10-89S
优势产品 E376E16H72
优势产品 E10116B06
优势产品 DN80 PN25
优势产品 FMC-5J-B/180
优势产品 D376XE75
优势产品 FME-111 B-B
优势产品 FMC-5G-B/180
优势产品 FME-2K-B
优势产品 FDRC03 0553WVR
优势产品 FME-4F-B/180
优势产品 TH-800
优势产品 2230200
优势产品 A1284L1Q402022
优势产品 EVNSL80-0050
优势产品 EVNSL85MS-023M
优势产品 OCD-DPB1B-0012-C1C0C-OCC-1314
优势产品 EVNSL85MS-023M
优势产品 EVNSL80-0050
优势产品 EVNSL80-0050
优势产品 EVNSL80-0050