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As with many small companies, Force Flow was established out of need for a product that could better serve the specific needs of a particular market and application.

Up until the mid 1960’s, the municipal water and wastewater market occasionally used mechanical platform scales to monitor the contents of chlorine ton containers. These “pit mounted” industrial platform scales were not easy to install, required regular maintenance and calibration, did not facilitate easy handling of the tanks, and did not have alarm or remote monitoring capability. On top all this, they were extremely expensive!

In 1967, Dave Nelson was a young instrument salesman and recognized that there was a need for a better product. His past experience as a scale mechanic and a sense for creativity gave him the ability to develop the rugged and reliable hydraulic CHLOR-SCALE® that has become the industry standard worldwide. Dave’s leadership and innovation pioneered the use of level alarms and remote mounted instrumentation to reduce operator exposure to chlorine, integrated roller trunnions for ease of valve positioning, and the simple 3-point pivoted platform design to make installation and operation a breeze. These basic features of Dave’s original CHLOR-SCALE design have been imitated, but never equaled, in many countries around the world including China, England, Germany, India, Canada and of course the USA. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery!”

Force Flow has continued to take the lead as the innovator in chemical monitoring with products like our WIZARD 4000® Chemical Inventory Management System and our CHLOR-SCALE 150® for cylinders. Perhaps as important as being a technology innovator is our commitment to customer service through our exclusive 5-YEAR WARRANTY and PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE™.

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优势产品 VT140S10
优势产品 DR300PF10-Y-D-22
优势产品 空气马达用于搅拌器EV5C25A SN:107131
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优势产品 Front turntable 1,5T PCD 4×130
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优势产品 T-0-T大型
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优势产品 7-111-100-112-0
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优势产品 FVR071B51414 SN:79796
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优势产品 L88EM44GGS00061
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优势产品 PFA 6.000 IP54 RAL7035
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优势产品 MR104-ZZ
优势产品 380941-NIST
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优势产品 45A-L00-DDFJ-1KA
优势产品 AS AR-1232 EH+
优势产品 US-SR 20/075 ,U-Profil 44/28/44×2 mm verzinkt,Teilung 75 mm
优势产品 5911
优势产品 807.037
优势产品 U9B/20KN
优势产品 DQ72-X
优势产品 NVW01131-ALU-M6
优势产品 SSR-251-RM/SPC
优势产品 440G-L07255
优势产品 RC1010
优势产品 41V
优势产品 cod:ATMT2LNPVF080 ODL:000696
优势产品 AUH 30DD-B14.0-35-1-36. 1 ZNA 80 B4 380-400V 50Hz 60%ED
优势产品 8.5888.5631.3112
优势产品 IH740-1000A63-01033SLI6
优势产品 J1005000(12V 5AH)
优势产品 RCPUVAL0194238
优势产品 7264 SERIAL NO:07100465 4通道SSI模块
优势产品 ARD 1353 24V 150A
优势产品 SHR0850370D
优势产品 SHR0850410D
优势产品 SHR0850450D
优势产品 SHR0850480D
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优势产品 Fluke-1AC-A1-II-5PK
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优势产品 87-V/E2
优势产品 57609
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优势产品 160.NO.16940
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优势产品 IFR 12-24-11/L
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优势产品 1-1-08-0-500-KM7027
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优势产品 EP10XSHR13
优势产品 1040SFC2A2M0200U
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优势产品 M-32-PKZ2 电流275-425A
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优势产品 K21R 315MY4 NS TPM VL HW
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优势产品 MEK2500
优势产品 MEK2400
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优势产品 MCS11-G
优势产品 +PMIN(*)/PMAX(*)
优势产品 #NAME?
优势产品 MAK10
优势产品 IA40-FP-13-P1
优势产品 PMS 1A 350S 2410
优势产品 PMS 1A 200S 2410
优势产品 PMS 1A 300S 2410
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优势产品 6507013004
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优势产品 SBH1.5
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优势产品 KBN 15*33
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优势产品 BV28146/4
优势产品 UKS 45*72*8*3 (mm)
优势产品 AP1215S 3PW MV8 MV8 IV4 HR
优势产品 EL40A50S8/24P6X3PR5.796
优势产品 RFR14SE 阴性 右旋
优势产品 JSD-35S
优势产品 6600/542-2*40W
优势产品 配BM10打标头
优势产品 6990014\10BAR\0-8.5BAR
优势产品 MTP204 MBD
优势产品 NO.35 3/8 PITCH ×36 3/8” LONG
优势产品 NO.35 3/8 PITCH ×42 3/8” LONG
优势产品 AUH30DD+ZNA80B4 0.75KW,380V,1.9A,n2=45(1500),IP54
优势产品 A212SS-024-L
优势产品 112378000
优势产品 TH090-L1-010
优势产品 0464765 24VDC
优势产品 0478123 24VDC
优势产品 9UB-01281-100
优势产品 97-0904
优势产品 4130 024 0036
优势产品 02.124-000
优势产品 VLR16-60F
优势产品 GD-07BB00-GV
优势产品 LMM1FA150
优势产品 HSX-A15OKG
优势产品 593022-18
优势产品 YV195A1/24V
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优势产品 553-0211F
优势产品 553-0122-200F
优势产品 S-NR01DC24V
优势产品 TAPE\50mm*10m
优势产品 HAD 7746-B-400-119
优势产品 24VDC,SERIAL NO:0799-0564,MODEL NO:38-961
优势产品 708 000 060.100
优势产品 711 000 080.110
优势产品 708 000 100.100
优势产品 4C590B D9 1/2″
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优势产品 254.75
优势产品 252.04/S
优势产品 Au80Sn20 1.5 * 0.002”
优势产品 Au80Sn20 0.246” * 0.029” * 0.0006”
优势产品 M4D 088 3N00 BIM4 M291436
优势产品 G3/4 PN0.5-16BAR/24VDC
优势产品 HA121812
优势产品 HA202820
优势产品 screwed thermowell from barstock instrument connection 1/2″ NPT female process connection 1/2″ NPT male well ? 10/6.5 mm imm. length A = 100 mm material AISI 316L
优势产品 M5RS-36-R/K-BL
优势产品 EVI 7/9 AC110V 6VA
优势产品 HG G-71450YA
优势产品 80-6105-5110-5
优势产品 LQ0750-CC
优势产品 M4AT-AT
优势产品 276.185-403301
优势产品 TM1-35-C
优势产品 MC2S10HS ZM24B5R
优势产品 807 DN 32 200-2500 l/h 1.4571 0-60℃
优势产品 MX-10
优势产品 81590020
优势产品 IP-600-10/20T
优势产品 SC-2KG
优势产品 G4PB16T
优势产品 G865-00002103
优势产品 G4IAC24
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优势产品 G4ODC24
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优势产品 PQR96 0-20mA
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优势产品 01.nr1000.16vg.10.b.p
优势产品 D2840
优势产品 8152B111
优势产品 TSa 1100-2-330-7-D
优势产品 Tubes for CO2126B
优势产品 Tubes for CO2126SF
优势产品 Tubes for H2S120SB
优势产品 10-5000W020
优势产品 Tubes for H2S120U
优势产品 W1001000025M
优势产品 DN200 F360-113 ANSI 150
优势产品 FSTE-HD G1/4-AG 25
优势产品 K99M50-32-AVL-GSRL-200-250-NS
优势产品 K99M50-32-AVL-RL-200-250-NS
优势产品 EL58C1024Z5L15X6JR
优势产品 KA24 LK/H2.99-A1/140-BA2-NBVP 16G/R-GM/NZP 16 ALZ251/130/3-1-G24
优势产品 NZP 16 ALZ 251/130
优势产品 NBVP 16G-XM24
优势产品 GWU1-ZB
优势产品 RC-1010
优势产品 829-010
优势产品 2210-T210-K0F1-H121-5A
优势产品 2210-T210-K0M1-H121-5A
优势产品 2210-T210-K0M1-H121-10A
优势产品 Y 308 503 01
优势产品 X 222 540 01 1POL. 90°100A
优势产品 Y 307 851 01 1POL.
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优势产品 PKC 4D-630S
优势产品 TMEDN480809-FA
优势产品 KBHDG5V-5-33C80N-EX-M1-PE7-H4-11
优势产品 SIZE 67
优势产品 LB400S-4
优势产品 SSF250/55/TBM40
优势产品 A55
优势产品 BA40
优势产品 227-U
优势产品 EB58W14-P4TR-1000
优势产品 D-71229
优势产品 EB86U-2
优势产品 63192500
优势产品 P17A187BECD38-59
优势产品 UH614A49+001
优势产品 UH618A59+001
优势产品 PV2R3-52-L-RAA-31
优势产品 DSHG-03-3C4-C1C2-T-D24-N1-14
优势产品 DSHG-06-3C4-T-D24-N1-52
优势产品 A-BSG-06-2B3B-D24-N1-48
优势产品 XP-B10
优势产品 EG-BOX 100031761
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优势产品 50285234
优势产品 50274110
优势产品 51045070
优势产品 E7014P
优势产品 BY0681-T
优势产品 M640B01, 4-20MA
优势产品 8.5820.0H40.1024.5093.0015
优势产品 SIZE 45
优势产品 FD-93+VF AP-S13AP-201
优势产品 PY-2-F-025-S01M
优势产品 IH20 1759.2400014800636E
优势产品 7915 108
优势产品 6-32-1760-2
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优势产品 232P41C6H
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优势产品 IQ96/0-2000A/2000/5 指针式
优势产品 IQ96/0-2500A/2500/5
优势产品 IQ96/0-400A/400/5
优势产品 IQ96/0-800A/800/5
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优势产品 NR:9113574 WK:1680004
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优势产品 141275
优势产品 7AA 63 M-02k, 0,18 kW, 2820 U/min., 220/380 V,
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优势产品 TDS2024B
优势产品 SPD24RM20