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德国EPE公司1926年创立于Mannheim(曼海姆)至今已有75年的工业过滤产品的制造历史。可以提供各种液压系统、润滑系统、化学产品、工业流体和气体的过滤解决方案。该公司所生产工业过滤设备,行销欧洲、北美、南美、澳州及亚洲等几大地区 德国EPE滤芯,EPE高压 过滤器,EPE回油过滤器

Shanghai HangOu Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006,  and is specializing in the import of mechanical & electrical equipment spare parts, instruments and other products and brands of worldwide. These products are widely used in metallurgy, iron and steel, petrochemicals, energy, aerospace, container terminals, automation, water conservancy, papermaking, power plant, textile, injection molding, rubber, medical treatment, food packaging and other fields.  Our main product lines include: sensors, motors, switches, electronic scale, encoders, controllers, analysis meters,optical fibers, gratings,valves, warning lights, cable, towline, distributor, gearbox, relays, buffers and imported hardware. ShangHai HangOu Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd
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