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DORNER 马达 62M060PS423FN

DORNER 电机 62M010PSD3DEN 减速机 22M1PS02A-2232


Dorner first opened its doors in 1965


as a tool and die shop. Two brothers Wolfgang and Horst Dorner, both tool and die makers founded the company. The company opened with a need for precision tool & dies and a focus on ‘catering to the customers’. Make a high quality precision product, make sure the customers are satisfied, provide responsive service, and the customers will reward us with their business. How right they were. This simple formula still drives every employee today. We like to call it the Dorner Difference.
Dorner Conveyors


In the early 1970’s the Dorners were looking for a conveyor to efficiently remove scrap and parts from under their dies. Conveyors that fit under the die between the bolsters were not available. The profiles of most conveyors prevented them from fitting in the small pockets. Further people told the Dorners that a conveyor could not be built that small because a bearing that small would not be durable and belts would not wrap around small diameter rollers. The Dorners were determined.

The result of this determination is that the Dorner’s developed and patented a new radial thrust bearing and worked with belting companies to obtain a flexible, durable belt. The Low Profile 4100 industrial conveyor was born in 1973. Within a few years the conveyor sales were greater than the tool and die business. The tool and die business was gradually phased out over a few years, but not the desire and the emphasis on precision for Dorner’s products and the focus on the customer.

Since the 1970’s Dorner has expanded its line of conveyors from steel frames into a full line of Low Profile, Aluminum frame conveyors for every application. Dorner conveyors are used in over 1,200 different industry segments today. Dorner has developed a reputation for high quality products. When customers need a durable, reliable conveyor system they purchase a Dorner. Dorner conveyors are so durable, that original Dorner conveyors are still used every day and they are over 20 years old.
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